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About Us

Peachy Cards is a brand of explicit cards and gifts and is part of the Wall Smart Designs organisation. Wall Smart Designs is a small family run business. It all started off when one day our director Shaun was walking past a shop window and saw a window sticker advertising a computer game and thought to himself how great that would look on his bedroom wall. As time went on he decided to make this idea into reality and set up a small vinyl cutter in his kitchen where him and his wife Joanne then began to build their printing empire.

Wall Smart Designs were the first company in the UK to start the whole full colour wall sticker range and have then since moved onto all sorts of printed items from t-shirts to printed mugs. Wall Smart Designs are always creating new printing ideas. There speciality is wall stickers and their latest and most recent creation of 3D wall stickers. These are a flat wall stickers but when you stand back they look like they are popping out of the wall giving you the sensation of almost being able to touch them. We simply love them.

We are located in the heart of Macclesfield in Cheshire. We have been running now for 4 years and gone from providing local customers with our great printed gifts to providing customers all over the world with our wall stickers, t-shirts and mugs. We ship as far as the USA to Australia and have 10's of 1000's of happy customers all over the world.

Wall Smart Designs strive in customer satisfaction and aim to please every single customer. We provide the very best service possible ensuring all our products are made to the highest of standards. We use the worlds leading manufacturers for materials and make all items in house. From the design stage to the box they are packed in we ensure everything is done by us and us only. The only other company that will be involved is the courier.

Shaun and Joanne are our company directors and absolutely love their business and all their customers. Although they are our directors they are very hands on and are always their to ensure every customer receives the ultimate customer experience as that is our policy through and through.

Since then they have added a new brand called Peach Cards. This brand consists funny over the top offensive cards, towels and bags. They are currently adding more and more new lines for the Peachy Cards brand.

The greeting cards range from birthday cards, anniversary cards, Mother's Day cards, graduation cards, Father's Day cards, wedding greeting cards, divorce greeting cards, congratulations greeting cards, new born greeting cards, engagement greeting cards, mature greeting cards, funny greeting cards and adult themed greeting cards. The list is endless.

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